#12 – Azerbaijan


Yay, Azerbaijan! We have both been extremely excited for anything Middle Eastern or similar. We both love Turkish and Iranian food, and recently I have been very keen to try Eurasian dumplings. Dumplings is LIFE. However, there are obviously so many more variations of dumplings than the Chinese variety and Japanese gyoza. Enter dushbere, which are Azerbaijani lamb dumplings. A more accurate description would probably be mini ravioli. They are tiny!

It was fun researching Azerbaijan, and I have a feeling that we will revisit this cuisine in the near future. It’s certainly varied and exciting and features many fresh herbs and spices. We cooked the aforementioned dushbere in a chicken-saffron broth. We used Feride Buyuran’s recipe (Feride seems to be the online authority on Azerbaijani cuisine, and her website has loads of recipes and inspiration). We altered it slightly, using our own homemade chicken stock as a base, rather than lamb/beef stock. Our dushbere were also bigger than hers, as it would’ve taken too long to make them as teeny-tiny as authenticity would have it.

It was a super easy recipe and it tastes pretty good too. If you are a lamb-enthusiast, we highly recommend trying this one. It may seem daunting to make your own pasta dough, but it was surprisingly easy! It came together quickly and folding the dumplings correctly was a breeze.

We also attempted to make a fresh herb kuku… But kinda failed (hence no photos). Kuku is a type of omelette, originating from Iran. It’s very straightforward: crack some eggs, mix them well, and add a ton of fresh herbs. We used dill, mint, parsley, coriander and chives. Cook in butter in a non-stick skillet. Why did we fail? Because we used a non-non-stick pan and turned it into a kind of scrambled kuku instead. It was still mighty tasty though! With a dollop of sour cream on top, it was the perfect side dish.

Azerbaijan is done and dusted!


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